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You could say that the beginning of our company was a coincidence combined with love for traditional Polish cuisine and our regional food products. When we have started our activity in Warsaw, Specjały Regionalne was a shop where we were selling the best traditional Polish products sourced from all around the country. With time, we have evolved towards gastronomy and apart from selling regional specialities now we serve you traditional Polish dishes from various regions.


Our shop and restaurant with traditional Polish cuisine offer you the best regional products from trusted suppliers. 13 years of experience in the culinary arts allowed us to expand our chain of shops across Warsaw – now we have 8 shops where every day we sell freshly prepared products from our restaurant.


When dealing with our beloved Old Polish cuisine we are guided first of all by the quality of and respect for our national products. We believe that there are no shortcuts. That is why our products are completely free of synthetic additives or flavour enhancers.


Specjały Regionalne is a place where tourists from all over the world are warmly welcomed. Our waiters are fluent in English, Italian, Spanish, German and Russian. Thus, we can offer not only cosy atmosphere but also professional customer service. We can also provide you with kids’ chairs – your family can enjoy the traditional Polish cuisine and have its little ones close by.

Special dishes, seasonal kitchen and regional and ecological ingredients

Polish cuisine is full of love – you can feel it with every bite of a traditional Polish dish. That is why we treat our products with respect and to ensure the highest quality of offered dishes we prepare them on a regular basis. From among the ingredients that we use, the ecological ones, supplied directly by our regional suppliers are the most important. Moreover, we run a seasonal kitchen – thus our guests can be sure that the dishes they enjoy are always fresh. Our menu is a rich panoply of unique traditional Polish regional dishes, such as sturgeon’s black caviar, perch fillets or forshmak. We make every effort for every guest to feel special, that is why our chefs can prepare for you a traditional Polish dish in vegetarian or gluten-free versions.

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Alcohol menu

Przysmaki Regionalne has a rich offer of the best Polish alcohols. Here you can order unique craft beers, cider, fruit wines as well as Polish wines, meads, liqueurs and the best vodkas – including Slivovitz and Starka. Since the Polish market of wines is at its beginning stages, our collection offers a selection of the best wines from all over the world.

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Events organization

We organize events for individual customers and for companies. If you are looking for a unique place to host your conference or to listen to some music with your friends and try traditional Polish cuisine and exquisite alcoholic beverages, then Specjały Regionalne meets all your requirements.

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